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Midgren | Skrobe | Quartey

Midgren|Skrobe|Quartey – Rastställen (Resting Places)

Three musicians, three generations, three tempers meet in an exchange characterized by timing and intimacy, playfulness and seriousness.

With violin, percussion, and mandola/guitar, they engage in a repertoire of old and new, of familiar material as well as music that has never been played before. Here, they share their common resting places , tunes to stop and rest at for a while to find stability, peace, and strength.

Let yourself be swept away into the music, dance, laugh, cry, close your eyes, swirl, enjoy!

Sven Midgren 

A fiddler with the passion for old traditional folk music but always moving forward to find new expressions. He also loves playing for dancing and is the founder of trio MSQ! 

Allan Skrobe

A world music musician who plays many different styles – one of them being Swedish folk music which is very close to his heart. With MSQ Allan is implementing all styles with his mandola & guitar playing

Tina Quartey

After more than 30 years in the folk & world scene she is still going strong with new projects and musical ideas. A pioneer percussionist  who introduced berimbau, udu drum, shekere and congas in legendary groups as Filarfolket and Groupa.

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